1. Content of the Agreement

1.1. By downloading the Application on Your telephone device or using the Website, You unconditionally agree to all the rules, terms and conditions and certify that you are the rightful owner of the mobile device on which the Application is downloaded.

1.2. This Agreement refers to the use of "Noy" application in those territories of the Republic of Armenia, where for the latter Your consent to the transfer of personal data to “Noy” for the purpose of providing services is available, and also implied.

2. Warranty obligations

The company "Noy" may from time to time announce updates of the Application and the Website, which most closely match your requirements. The company "Noy" is not responsible for the risks associated with the use of the Application or the Website (be it damage caused by Your partner or customer, lost profits, delayed, non-received service, lost data, property, documents, etc.). Noy is the only intermediary between the client and the partner providing the service. You have the right to make claims directly to each other as a service provider to the user. In accordance with the current legislation, the responsibility that may arise from improper performance of services, including liability for inappropriate information about the service, inaccurate information about the user, improper provision of conditions for the provision of services, inadequate provision of accepted tariffs, as well as directly provided services, their security, the provision of services, loss and other obligations shall be borne directly by the service provider.

3. Restrictions of goods transportation

The transportation of unpackaged goods, flammable, explosive, toxic substances, animals without special bags, objects, food products that are inconvenient for transportation and require special conditions (except for special cases provided) by means of "Noy" is restricted.


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